New Japan Travel Planner Co., Ltd
 (株)新日本旅行企画                                                                                                               - Tour Operator in Japan -

兵庫県知事登録 旅行サービス手配業 第5号                         Hyogo Pref.Gov.Reg. Travel Service Arrangements No.5

Company Profile

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We, a local tour operator/travel planner founded at TOYOOKA-city, Hyogo pref. in Japan, were originally established for the purpose of foreigner attraction to Toyooka-city, of which Kinosaki Hot Spring was awarded the name of 'The Best Onsen Town in Japan' by the guide book Lonely Planet, also received 2 stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan.

Today, after knowing foreigner’s interest to visit other region than the golden route, we have developped wide area tour plans in South, Northeast Kansai (Hokuriku) and Chugoku Region (West of Kansai in Honshu) for the group in addition to our original active region Northwest Kansai.

Also, for individual travelers and educational travel organizations, we have delopped various plans in the countryside with experience of nature, culture, living, and interacting with locals.

We are now looking for the long term overseas partners who are interested in our plan and would very much appreciated it if you could contact us. 

Company Name

New Japan Travel Planner Co., Ltd

Managing Director

Tadashi IMAI

Head Office

10-27, Kotobuki-cho, Toyooka, Hyogo 668-0024 Japan

Main Services

We provide :
1. For overseas travel companies, a wide area tour plan in KANSAI, HOKURIKU, CHUGOKU and SETO INLAND SEA.
2. For individuals of Japan travel repeaters, long stay at one place in TAJIMA and KYOTANGO (North HYOGO and KYOTO) with various experience plans of the countryside.
3. For educational tour organizations, experiential plans for children in TAJIMA and KYOTANGO (North HYOGO and KYOTO).


   Message from CEO

We have various plans for travel agencies,educational organizations & individuals in Kansai, Hokuriku, Chugoku and Seto Inland Sea. Please contact us.