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兵庫県知事登録 旅行サービス手配業 第5号                         Hyogo Pref.Gov.Reg. Travel Service Arrangements No.5

4 : Dressing up to Kabuki costume  

A full-fledged dressing-up experience to Kabuki costume  

An interpreter guide will accompany you from JR train station to the oldest play house in Kansai located in Izushi which is called as “Tajima's Little Kyoto” and a professional photographer take a picture of you dressing and making up.

Attractive points/Unique features

This is the world's first plan that can only be experienced here, that dressing and making up are done by professionals, that even Japanese people cannot easily do,
Make a rare make-off face print with your face, that can only be made by the actor with face print in one performance.

< Tour outline >
Periode : Through the year

Time : 9h00 -12h30 or 13h00 - 16h30 or 17h00 - 20h30 (3h30min)
Participants : 1c ouple (2 persons)/day 
Weather : Rain or shine
Reception : at Kinosaki JR station
Disband place : at Izushi Eirakukan playhouse
Free transportation service : to JR Kinosaki or Toyooka or Yoka station

Note :
Our program does not include accident insurance. Please purchase travel/accident insurance through a separate party in advance, and Please participate at your own risk.

< Itinerary >

Kinosaki JR station


    09:00 AM or 13:00 PM or 17:00 PM
    At Kinosaki JR train station

    Departure by taxi



Izushi Eirakukan playhouse 

 Arriving at Izushi Eirakukan playhouse 

    9:45 AM or 13:45 PM or 17:45 PM

    Arrives at plauhouse and start makeover





Transportaion by a big taxi

  End of experience

    12:30 PM or 16:30 PM

    Disband at playhouse
    Free transportation to Kinosaki onsen, Toyooka       or Yoka station of JR San-in line is available



Rate & Reservation

This plan is accepted by one pair of two people and is limited to one pair per day.
Only 10 pairs are accepted each year.
The annual schedule is as follows.
Customers who wish to make a reservation are requested to contact us.

Mar 27 (Fri)     Apr 24 (Fri)    May 22 (Fri)    Jun 29 (Mon)  Jul 20 (Mon)
Aug 24 (Mon)  Sep 28 (Mon)  Oct 05 (Mon)   Nov 13 (Fri)   Dec 21 (Mon) 

    1. Private plan only

      < Rate per couple, Inc.Tax

       JPY 998,000/ Couple (2 persons)

   *Rate includes the followings :

  • Round-trip transportation to and from the meeting place-experience place
  • Rental fee for the entire building
  • Rental fee for real costumes and wigs used by Kabuki actors
  • Cost of makeup by a professional makeup artist
  • Kabuki costume dressing fee by professional dresser 
  • Photo shooting cost + memorial photo + album making cost
  • Souvenirs: 'Oshikuma', a transcript of your face print on cloth
  • Interpretation and guide fees
Cancellation policy / Refund

<Cancellation policy>
 1. Because the deadline of the reservation is 30 days in advance, in case you want to change reservation date, please change it more than 30 days before.
 2. Please note that the cancellation fee below will be incurred if you cancel the reservation at your convenience.
   a. 15 days and more prior to the reservation date : 0% of the tour fee
   b. 7-14 days prior to the reservation date : 30% of the tour fee
   c. 4-6 days prior to the reservation date : 50% of the tour fee
   d. 0-3 days prioir to the reservation date or no show : 100% of the tour fee

 Your cancellation request should be advised to us by email.

 1. Refund will be made based on the above cancellation conditions.
 2. Please understand that our refund may be delayed because of the difference of the due date of your credit card and the date of your cancellation.

Waku-Waku TAJIMA Guide Club office

2F 1685-2 Yoka, Yoka-cho, Yabu-shi, Hyogo
667-0021 Japan
Open : 08h00 - 19h00

< Meeting point >
- Kinosaki Onsen station on the JR San-in line
from Kyoto  : 150 min. by JR San-in line 
from Osaka  : 160 min. by JR Fukuchiyama & San-in line