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兵庫県知事登録 旅行サービス手配業 第5号                         Hyogo Pref.Gov.Reg. Travel Service Arrangements No.5

Guided day trip from KINOSAKI onsen

Guided day trip plans using a taxi or a luxury wagon are provided for the guests staying at KINOSAKI onsen. English or Chinese speaking local guide will accompany in each course.

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Plan Details

Please click the map to check the route.

1. Beautiful seacoast
of TANGO Peninsula    

2. IZUSHI castle town & TANTO farm village

3. Bag industry &
ecology in TOYOOKA

4. KASUMI fishery &
quiet YUMURA onsen
in the mountains

5. Great Buddha,
OJIRO farm village & Wagyu hometown

6. OJIRO, Wagyu
hometown, Botanical
garden, Sake brewery

Comfortable Transportation

Suitable for 2 persons. This is the next generation taxi developed to improve the comfort of passengers. 

2) Luxury wagon for VIP
Suitable for the group of 3-6 persons, it is provided that six-seated special luxury wagon
 operated by an experienced local driver.

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