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兵庫県知事登録 旅行サービス手配業 第5号                         Hyogo Pref.Gov.Reg. Travel Service Arrangements No.5

Waku-Waku TAJIMA Guide Service

  Activities to discover another Japan

We offer unique plans not found in guidebooks !

1: Forestry Experience

Experience logging with a forestry expert of 25 years

2: Visit a Satoyama

Experience a serene and healing getaway in a satoyama away from the crowded city

3: Tajima Beef dining

Discover the secret behind why Kobe Beef is so delicious

4: Transform into a Kabuki Actor

Transform into a kabuki actor by dressing in a traditional kabuki costume and makeup applied by professionals. A one of a kind experience that can be only done through this tour

5: Learn How Soy  Sauce is Made

Discover and learn about how pure soy sauce is made and has established Washoku (Japanese food) as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage

6: Eat Matsuba Crabs

Experience eating succulent and delicious crab meat inside of Matsuba Crab, and come learn about the behind the scenes of what it's like to be crab broker

7: Experience Japanese culture 

Learn and enjoy traditional Japanese hospitality by experiencing traditional customs such as enjoying tea, table manners as well as garden construction

8Tea Picking

Visit a beautiful tea plantation and experience picking your own tea leaves


9: Wild Gass Observation

Explore the local mountainous areas and learn about wild grass with a local who has been an expert for 40 years

10: Ski Lesson 

A perfect lesson plan for beginners, that will help them learn to ski in just two days !

  We activate your future and rural

  Plans not in the guidebook

Is this really Japan!?

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of foreign travelers visiting Japan.
Due to over tourism in areas such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka many of them seek to get away from the congested tourist areas and prefer to experience the traditional countryside of Japan.
To achieve this, we have created a day trip to experience living in the Japanese countryside.

When you participate in this trip, you can discover another Japan which you do not know, that is not in the guidebook.

Through participating in this trip, you will be able to uncover a new side of Japan that you won't find elsewhere. We use our expertise and familiarity with the local Tajima area and have prepared a unique course that is one of a kind. We hope that many visitors experience not only the famous tourist destinations in Japan, but also see the beautiful and amazing places that the countryside has to offer.

This plan has the following features :

1. Transportation by bus, which will allow you to experience living like the locals
2. Enjoy the serene and tourist free areas of the Japanese countryside.
3. An interpreter guide who is a local expert passionate about spreading their love for Tajima.

Through our tours you will discover another side of Japan that you have not experienced before. A beautiful unknown side of the Japanese countryside is waiting for you. 
Please check the details below !

  What is ''Waku-Waku'' ?

In Japanese Waku-Waku is an expression used to describe a rising emotion that is filled with hope and joy. In English it can be translated as exciting and/or thrilling.
The 4 pleasures of Waku-Waku are experienced through wonderful landscapes, unique culture and interaction with locals in the Tajima region.

W : Wonderful
A : Adventurous
K : Kindhearted
U : Unforgettable


  What is ''TAJIMA'' ?

''TAJIMA'' is located in the northern region of Hyogo Prefecture next to Kyoto. It is a beautiful Japanese countryside rich with abundant natural resources such as mountains, rivers,
hotsprings and the coastlines by the Sea of Japan.

Kinosaki : Best Onsen town In Japan

Waku-Waku TAJIMA Guide Club office

2F 1685-2 Yoka, Yoka-cho, Yabu-shi, Hyogo
667-0021 Japan
Open : 08h00 - 19h00

< Meeting point >
- Yoka station on the JR San-in line
from Kyoto  : 120 min. by JR San-in line 
from Osaka  : 130 min. by JR Fukuchiyama & San-in line

- Toyooka station on the JR San-in line
from Kyoto  : 130 min. by JR San-in line 
from Osaka  : 150 min. by JR Fukuchiyama & San-in line

- Kinosaki Onsen station on the JR San-in line
from Kyoto  : 140 min. by JR San-in line 
from Osaka  : 160 min. by JR Fukuchiyama & San-in line