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兵庫県知事登録 旅行サービス手配業 第5号                         Hyogo Pref.Gov.Reg. Travel Service Arrangements No.5

Day Trip Guide Service  

       Guided day trip plan
      from KINOSAKI onsen 

Guided day trip plans using a taxi or a luxury wagon are provided for the guest staying at KINOSAKI Onsen.

English or Chinese speaking local guide will accompany in each course of the following contents.

1. Beautiful seacoast of Tango peninsula
2. Castle town & Farm village
3. World famous business bag & Ecology
4. Fishery & Onsen town in mountains
5. Great Buddah & Wagyu hometown

6. Farm village, Wagyu hometown, Botanical garden & Sake brewery with special lunch of 41 parts of grilled Tajima beef.

     Waku-Waku TAJIMA
          Guide Service 

This is the first unique guide service in Japan to visit countryside using a  route bus, which allows you to feel Japanese daily life.
"Waku-Waku" is a Japanese favorite expression of rising emotion with hope and joy. In English it is translated to  'exciting and/or thrilling'.
We will introduce the next 4 pleasures of "Waku-Waku" through wonderful landscape, unique culture and interaction with local people in TAJIMA  region (north oh Hyogo pref.).

W : Wonderful
A : Adventurous
K : Kindhearted
U : Unforgettable

   Message from CEO

We have various plans for travel agencies,educational organizations & individuals in Kansai, Hokuriku, Chugoku and Seto Inland Sea. Please contact us.