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兵庫県知事登録 旅行サービス手配業 第5号                         Hyogo Pref.Gov.Reg. Travel Service Arrangements No.5

Long Stay Plan Details For Repeaters to Japan

We can propose various one-stop stay plans in rural areas,  fishing villages, mountains and highlands, including experience of nature, culture, living, and interacting with locals.  Also we have cooking experience plan in Kyoto.

⇒ See Fascination of KANSAI Northwest

Rural Areas

Experience plans

01. Farm work
02. Harvest
 (vegetables and fruit)
03. Beekeeping

04. River play
05. Catching fish
06. Star observation


Fishing Villages

Experience plans

01. Fisherman boat riding
02. Fishing
03. Fishery experience
04. Fish cooking
05. Making fish processed goods (Dried, Canned,
06. Fish market tour
07. Sea Kayak
08. SUP
09. Diving & Snorkeling
10. Fruit picking


Experience plans

01. Wild vegetable picking
02. Wood chopping
03. Charcoal making
04. Wild bird observation
05. Nest box making
06. Insect and plant observation
07. Star observation
08. Mountain bike
09. Trekking
10. Paragliding
11. Dear hunting tour

<Cultural Experiences>
Cultural experiences are also available but some of them can not be carried out depending on your staying area.

01.  Japanese drum lesson    ⇒  See more
02.  Zen meditation
03.  Calligraphy
4.  Tea ceremony
05.  Pottery making
06.  Organic natural soap making
07.  Organic natural cosmetic making
Confectionery making
09.  Traditional handicraft making  (Tatami, Straw work)
10.  Cooking local cuisine
11.  Soba (Buckwheat
 noodle) making
12.  BBQ
13.  Visiting Soy sauce factory
14.  Visiting Sake brewery

15.  Book making
16.  Visiting Japanese bar
17.  Hot spring

Common Basic Cnditions For Each Place

Basic conditions

 Number of people : 2 - 8 people

 Visiting Place : KANSAI North

 Access to Accomodation : Excluded

 Interpreter guide : Non Accompanied   

Choices according to your request

 Tour duration : 3 days and more

 Staying place :  Rural areas or Fishing village or Mountains and highland

 Accommodation : Japanese Ryokan(inn) or Western style Hotel

 Meals :  Min. 2 meals

 Experiences  :  Various plans at your choice

Please send your request / inquiry 

Special Tour Plan

Sea Kayak Tour

Japanese Drum Lesson

Sake Brewery Tour 

Experience Plan In Kyoto

< Japanese cooking lesson >

In this lesson, you will learn the cooking of Kansai-style "Sukiyaki" and the Kyoto-style "Temari Sushi(tiny sushi ball)" and after the lesson, you will enjoy the delicious cuisine with the teacher. Also you can enjoy the experience of tea ceremony after meal.

This lesson promises you to have nice memories in Japan and also to enjoy delicious cuisine again with your family and friend at your home party after returning home.

In addition, it is also provided that option plan to visit the popular market and purchase the ingredients for actual cooking.

< Private lesson of Kyoto home cooking

This is an experience plan for small private group to learn real Kyoto-style home cooking "Obanzai" from a cooking expert. Not only cooking but also you can learn food culture, seasonal feeling and aesthetics of Kyoto.

   Message from CEO

We have various plans for travel agencies,educational organizations & individuals in Kansai, Hokuriku, Chugoku and Seto Inland Sea. Please contact us.