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兵庫県知事登録 旅行サービス手配業 第5号                         Hyogo Pref.Gov.Reg. Travel Service Arrangements No.5

Fascinations of KANSAI Northwest


SAN'IN Kaigan World Geopark Area

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The geopark is the area like nature park on the important geology recognized by UNESCO, and 100 places exist in 30   nations  in the world.

 "SAN'IN Kaigan (Coast) GeoPark" is one of global geopark,  which consists of northern part of KYOTO & HYOGO pref. and eastern part of TOTTORI pref., where in addition to a skiing area (snow park) and a hot  spring (onsen), you can enjoy natural abundant resources and many touristic attractions in all seasons.

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Fascinations of the KANSAI Northwest

Northwest KANSAI (northern part of Kyoto and Hyogo prefecture) is dotted with first-class natural tourism resources where you can enjoy unique experience not found in other areas.

 = What are fascinations of KANSAI Northwest ? =

   A treasure house of tourism resources with nature as coastlines, mountains and rivers etc, where the visitors will be surely impressed to see them.
  You can visit coastline of 120KM length with unique landscape where found traces that about 25 million years ago Japan was divided from the continent, and cave where discovered historical fact that the Earth's axis is reversed 2.6 million years ago etc.
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   One of the nearest full-fledged ski resort from Kansai airport.
  There are several ski resorts in this area where you can enjoy not only skiing and snowboarding but also snow picnic and sledding.
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   A treasure house of hot springs.
  You can visit Kinosaki Onsen which is introduced by the guide book 'Lonely Planet' as the best Onsen Town in Japan also having 2 stars of Michelin guide.
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   Virgin landscape and lifestyle of farm, mountain and fishing village.
  You can visit a small village registered in the most beautiful villages in Japan, which is famous as "Wagyu(Japanese cattle) hometown" where the calf of world-famous Wagyu brand as Kobe, Matsuzaka, Ohmi, Maezawa, Hida, Saga beef etc is originally born, also visit the house where a cattle whose DNA is inherited to 99.9% of the current Wagyu, had been bred about 60 years ago, moreover you can enjoy rice terrace registered in the Best 100’s in Japan.
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   Treasure house of Japanese food material such as seafood, beef, Sake etc.
  You can visit Sake factory and learn how to produce Sake.
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