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Are you looking for a new travel plan other than Golden Route?

Our main active regions
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We are a local tour operator/a travel planner who provides travel plans for foreigners in West Japan (*KANSAI, *HOKURIKU, *CHUGOKU, *SETO  INLAND SEA).

Especially, in the SAN'IN KAIGAN World Geopark area and the KANSAI North area, we are the only provider who can arrange/offer various kinds of precious experiences. 

For individual travelers and educational travel organizations, we have various plans in the countryside with experience of nature, culture, living, and interacting with locals.

Region in the center of Honshu Island (Biggest island among 4 main islands of Japan)
Region in the northeast of KANSAI
Region in the west of Honshu Island
Inland sea surrounded by KANSAI, SHIKOKU (smallest island among 4 main islands of Japan) and KYUSHU Island (westest island of Japan)

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Individuals of Japan    travel repeaters

Our Features and Travel Plans

Our Features

We are the only one travel planning company/ tour operator in North KANSAI who can propose :

 A wide area tour plan in KANSAI, HOKURIKU, CHUGOKU and SETO INLAND SEA.

 Long stay at one place in TAJIMA and KYOTANGO (North HYOGO and KYOTO) with various experience plans of the countryside. 

 Educational tour plans for children in TAJIMA and KYOTANGO (North HYOGO and KYOTO).

Our 3 Main Travel Plans

 For overseas travel agencies

Regional tour plans for the group that meet your customers' interests.

 For individuals of Japan travel repeaters

Long and one-stop stay plans in rural areas, fishing villages, mountains and highlands including experience of nature, culture, living, and interacting with locals. 

 For educational tour organizations

Experiential education tour plans to support children's growth through group life in the nature, Japanese culture and interacting with locals.

Why Us ?

 Familiar with the real charm of the countryside

We are familiar with the charm of the countryside not written in guidebook, nor which cannot be found by Japanese and foreigners living in urban areas, since our company is owned and operated by local Japanese.

 Familiar with foreigners' interests

We commercialize and introduce the charm of the country life known by only local Japanese as experience plans so that foreigners can enjoy it.


Travel Plans Details

   Travel Agencies


Individuals of Japan    travel repeaters

   Message from CEO

We have various plans for travel agencies,educational organizations & individuals in Kansai, Hokuriku, Chugoku and Seto Inland Sea. Please contact us.